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2019/01/02 22:19
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On December 22, 2018 (winter solstice festival of the lunar calendar), the grand opening ceremony of Leopaard new energy Luoyang hector store was held in the 4S store of Leopaard new energy in Zhongyi
    On December 22, 2018 (winter solstice festival of the lunar calendar), the grand opening ceremony of Leopaard new energy Luoyang hector store was held in the 4S store of Leopaard new energy in Zhongyi street, Luolong district, Luoyang city. On this special festival, Leopaard new energy Luoyang Hector store wished everyone a happy and healthy holiday. Did you have dumplings today?
    General representative of Hector Investment Group in central China, general manager of Luoyang Hector Industrial Group, Mr. Bai Wenkun; General manager of Henan Hector New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, Mr. Guo Leiqi; Sales section chief of Hunan Leoparrd new energy automobile sales department, Mr. Hui Hongliang; Financial director of Luoyang Hector Group, Mr. Liu Shewei; Henan Zhongzhong Real Estate Group, Mr. Jia Jianchao; Vice general manager of Zhongqi Star, Mr. Tian Baowei; Luoyang county-level dealer representatives, Auto Home, Luoyang Daily, ly-qiche.com, toutiao.com and many other media attended the opening ceremony.
    Mr. Bai Wenkun which was the general manager of Luoyang Hector Industrial Group made the opening words. Reviewed the development of these years, the group invested the fields related to cultural tourism, real estate, commodity trade, materials manufacturing, culture media, etc. It was placed on great hope for the group to set foot in new energy. In future development, the group will seize national policy, increase the investment into the new energy market and committed to create a new ecological industrial chain to make utility electric trolley sales and charging stations operating into one.
    Mr. Guoleiqi, which was the general manager of Luoyang Hector New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. shared the company's cultural concept and introduced the operation mode. This cooperation with Hunan Leoparrd manufacturers, they gathered new energy industry experience, grasped the development trend of new energy market, so as to achieve the steady development of new energy automobile industry. The company gathered technology research and development, marketing operation planning, pre-sales and after-sales service, new media publicity and other fields of elites. Adhering to the enterprise philosophy and spirit of "talent oriented, customer first" and "integrity, pragmatism, efficiency, excellence", the company will be enterprising and keep innovating to provide customers with more excellent and efficient services.
    Mr. Hui Hongliang, which was the sales section chief of Hunan Leoparrd new energy automobile sales department, awarded authorisations for Leopaard New Energy Luoyang Hector Store on opening ceremony. Henan Hector New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. became the only one general agent of Leopaard in Luoyang, signed the big customer contract with Zhongqi Star and the cooperation letter of intent with secondary distributor.
    This exhibition car CS9 EV had smooth lines which add a little taste of convertible and made the car has more sporty and high-tech feeling. It had Leopaard X’s front face design, 215/55r18 tires and side suspension roof, and 2600mm ultra-long wheelbase. These design showed the style of luxury sport SUV and imposing. The skirt edge of the new Leopaard CS9 was surrounded by the black gray body with a layered three-dimensional design, which not only reduced the scratch for the paint from the gravel on the road, but also showed the style and fashion. High-performance terna-lithium battery, battery life in working condition was over 310km, maximum was over 440km, battery life is not discounted, 48.18kwh large-capacity battery, InoGreen IEVD intelligent electronic control, all-around charging solution. Light luxury interior decoration, exquisite technology, audio-visual feast, super configuration, no vehicle restriction, it was worth your drive. 
    The apperance of CS9EV showed the latest exploration in the fields of automobile configuration innovation, green and environment-friendly new energy vehicle development and others by Leopaard Group, it also marked that Leopaard has entered a new era of development and stepped on a new journey.
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